An educational, self-management program for people living with chronic headaches: a longitudinal cost evaluation study

  • Self-management treatment programs are widely used for many chronic ailments; however, data on the effectiveness and feasibility for chronic migraine is scarce. Effectiveness of such a program was studied.
  • Primary outcomes showed no intergroup differences in Headache Impact Test (HIT-6) scores (adj. mean difference= -0.3, 95% CI: -1.23–0.67) or headache days (0.9, 95% CI: -0.29–2.05) at 12 months. Adjusted analyses indicated an accrued total of £268 for the self-management program arm and an incremental quality-adjusted life years (QALYs) of 0.031 (95% CI: -0.005–0.063), with a feasibility ratio of £8,617 per QALY gained.
  • The authors concluded that there was no valuable impact on the quality of life using a supportive self-management program.